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We are excited to announce that Toronto CryoCorp is now an authorized distributor for the U.S.A. for the world’s most advanced Cryotherapy chamber.

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Applications of Cryotherapy

Toronto CryoCorp Values

Accelerate athletic recovery, reducing pain & boosting vitality in women and men.

Spread the word about Whole Body Cryotherapy, it’s benefits and to be that first chosen partner to our clients.

We will line you up for success!

TCC offers many years experience in the WBC industry along with 20+ years experience in the specialty gas industry. We have no equal in the: knowledge, planning and installation of the second most critical decision after deciding which WBC device is selected. With our 24-hour VPN connection, we offer state of the art monitoring, service and nitrogen management so that task is eliminated. Imagine, having the most critical consumable arrive at your doorstep, the day before you’ll need it! You can concentrate on running your business.

We will line you up for success!

The Cryosense® Cryosauna

The Cryosense® is unique in offering users eight different client experience settings that provide a tailor-made session to the specific needs of each individual, resulting in improved recovery outcomes. Equally impressive are the best in class components. Cryosense® comes standard with a Siemens® electronics package, an Apple® iPad control unit, BMW-grade leather interior cabin, as well as a structure made from aluminum and high grade PVC, all impervious to moisture and humidity. Cryosense® also has VPN access for remote diagnostics, a 440 pound (200 kilogram) capacity lift as well as a flat screen display that users may view during their sessions.

  • First unit to deliver both cold & heat therapy.

  • Tailor-made session to the specific needs of each individual.

  • Includes a continuous dry cycle.

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