Cryotherapy for Beauty


Cryosense Crioterapia Estética

Since its beginning, cryotherapy has had various applications in aesthetic medicine treatments thanks to its anti-inflammatoryvasoconstrictor and analgesic effects.

Benefits of Cryotherapy in Aesthetics:

  1. It rejuvenates and improves the quality of the skin
  2. It helps fighting various disorders of the epidermis
  3. It eliminates toxins
  4. It oxygenates the cells

All these points have been verified by several medical researches. They have led us to realize the four effects that are achieved with aesthetic cryotherapy:

  1. At a dermatological level, the effect of an improvement in the appearance of the skin has been registered, in addition to a reduction of marks and above all, a remarkable decrease in characteristic itching.
  2. Effects on the sympathetic system. There is a feeling of well-being of the entire human organism.
  3. At the motor level the following effects have been registered: an improvement in the sensation of mobility is observed, described as greater lightness of the legs. Above all, it is recorded at the level of fluid reduction.
  4. Overall, users describe it as a feeling of improvement at a general level.

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