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Cryosense Thermal Contrast WBC Cabin

The safest most advanced Whole-Body Cryotherapy technology

Thermal Contrast cryotherapy is a revolutionary procedure with proven results in the world of medicine, sports, beauty and wellness. A technique that consists of exposing our bodies to an extreme change in temperatures from 80 C to -196 C for three (3) minutes, thanks to the cold vapour from nitrogen released inside the cabin.

This exposure favours the release of endorphins, chemical substances which have proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects which stimulate our immune system.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy is endorsed by athletes and sportsmen and women and everyday has more and more followers in the world of beauty, health and wellness.

Installing any WBC cabin will expand your range of services and treatments. You will be able to offer your clients the latest technology with great benefits for their health and wellness best with Cryosense.

After only a 3-minute session they will quickly feel the excellent results. Thus, in addition to satisfying your clients and win over their loyalty, your business profitability will increase.

Without a doubt Cryosense will provide a competitive differentiator for you to stand above the crowd.

Why is Cryosense the most advanced WBC cabin in the world?

  1. Only Cryosense can combine cold and heat.
  2. Only Cryosense can focus the cold vapour at different levels.
  3. Only Cryosense has four (4) temperature sensors continuously monitoring the flow of nitrogen, thereby eliminating the possibility of any liquid nitrogen from entering the treatment area.
  4. Only Cryosense allows you to use virtually any size of pressurized nitrogen vessel, thereby helping to manage your expenses through to your growth.
  5. Only Cryosense includes an internal scale and the option for an external scale.
  6. Only Cryosense includes a Safety collar.
  7. Cryosense cabins offer the option of using a VPN connection to monitor many facets of the cabin.
  8. Cryosense cabins include an Oxygen Sensor that continuously monitors the oxygen content in the treatment area.

Cryosense cabins come in the standard size as well as an XL size which is 50% larger (inside).



Helps release endorphins

Boost energy

Reduces stress

Promotes better restful sleep

Boosts sexual energy


Improves circulation

Soothes pain

Stimulates the immune system

Promotes muscle recovery


Improves skin quality and helps skin disorders

Oxygenates cells

Rejuvenates your skin


Speeds recovery time after exercise

Allows for higher volume training

Reduces muscle pain and tiredness

Reduces lesions due to overloading

Improves the Symptoms of:

Plantar fasciitis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Ankylosing spondylitis


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Multiple Sclerosis

Stress and Anxiety



Menopause disorders

In the Cabin:

  • TFT screen offers to see all temperature changes within sessions
  • Safety collar virtually eliminates upward escape of Nitrogen – thereby cooling with less nitrogen and keeping the client from breathing nitrogen (safety device)
  • If the door opens the session automatically stops
  • Height adjustment
  • Intelligent drying
  • Internal Oxygen Sensor (safety device)
  • Internal extraction column (safety device)

On the i pad:

  • Full i pad control
  • 24-hour VPN monitoring (review of activity/remote updating)
  • Uninterrupted unlimited sessions (when many sessions are required)

TCC has selected the most advanced Whole-Body Cryotherapy cabin on the market.  Whether discussing features and benefits or technical advancement Cryosense WBC cabins have no equal.


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